Saturday, May 12, 2018

Alright, lets wrap this up

Why does staggering design and creativity go into something that is just going to be torn apart and discarded? Well, lets see now; because; that's why.

Packaging has a long and storied history and these days it has become downright spectacular. Primarily packaging design is meant to maximize visual impact. In an ocean of direct competing and other dis-similar products, it's critical to catch the eye of the customer. Bright colors; bold fonts; unique shapes and clever graphics all work in conjunction in an effort to attract the eye of the passerby.

The attractiveness of packaging can work against the product itself, however, in that if the product itself isn't what the customer expected or is simply of poor quality. We've all experienced this and it does have a lasting impact. Such as a large pretty package containing very little of the product it is touting. As you may be beginning to realize, there are many variables and details that go into packaging and the design thereof.

With nearly everything sold these days being encased in colorful packaging, it's important to realize that all of the materials that make up the colorful, protective wrapping that we see on every product every day requires a massive packaging supply industry to feed it, and with the ever discerning consumer becoming more and more environmentally aware, design elements may sometimes be reduced to the bare minimum in an effort to reduce the use of the raw materials for making packaging supplies. This presents another challenge for the talented package designer. Customers might be conscious of the fact that they are going to be discarding the packaging of the products they purchase every day which might affect their decision.

Package design is a massive business and the talented package designers are not just skilled labor workers. Years of study in focused areas in Art & Design are necessary and the competition is fierce because for all intents and purposes; it's a pretty dang fun job to have.

Clever and unique designs are the crux of the industry of packaging, and success isn't always apparent until the numbers ultimately come in. But none the less; promoting any product with visual devices has become super duper important and can mean success or failure for any product.

Sometimes simplicity is the key and if the product is well established; design efforts can be reduced. Conversely, if the product is new and doesn't catch on right away, crafty design may be in order. Overdoing the design could, however, have the opposite effect as intended. Customers are fickle, shrewd and sharp. If they think the visual elements are too much, they may perceive it as overselling for reasons unknown and simply move on.

The design world of packaging is fascinating to say the least. Yet we're all familiar with it in that we're exposed to it every day, and we become somewhat de-sensitized to a degree and focus on what we're already familiar with. That's when classic designs which have stood the test of time become the kings of the product package design universe.

So you can see that we humans have created a marketing monster that isn't likely to be defeated or tamed any time soon, and those mad designers with crazy hair will ever be among us.

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